SBCEF Grant Awards

Since 1994 the SBCEF has enhanced the education of over 3,000 Stoneham children annually in public and private schools and other organizations. It has awarded over $366,000, funding 405 grants for innovative programs and projects. Since the fall of 2006 Meld, Inc. has providing some of the funding for our grant programs and since 2013 the National Coalition for Education & Cultural Programs has also provided some of the funding for our grant programs. The Foundation’s slogan “IT TAKES AN ENTIRE VILLAGE TO EDUCATE A CHILD” continues to be realized. 


Fall 2021

Robin Hood School                                         Eyes on Owls

Stoneham Central Middle School                   Shakespeare Now! Romeo & Juliet

Stoneham High School                                    Salem Witch Trials Trip

Greater Boston Stage Company                      The Young Company Winter Festival 2022

Stoneham Fire Department                              Sparky the Fire Dog Suit

Spring 2022

Robin Hood School                                         The bFit Show

Colonial Park                                                   National Reading Month: Spirit Week- A Visit with Brian Lies

Stoneham High School Library                       Manga and Anime Enrichment Club

Stoneham Community Development               Buster Keaton Silent Movie

South School                                                    South School Pollinator Initiative

Stoneham Central Middle School                    Museum of Science Field Trip                                   




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