Due to the Coronavirus the 2020 Fall Grant period was canceled but any grants that are sent in will be automatically included in the 2021 Grant periods which is now open for Nov 1.

                                                        As you may know, the Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundation 24th Annual Bee takes place every year. Our goal is to have fun and to celebrate community spirit while raising funds to finance educational and enrichment programs for Stoneham’s youth and adults.  As you are aware, the Annual Trivia Bee 2020 was cancelled in the best interest of our community. We are having the Bee on Saturday May 14, of 2022 at the Boys & Girls Club in Stoneham.

                                                        Your generous tax-deductible donation in the past has helped make this event successful. Your 2020 donation will allow SBCEF to continue our mission when it is safe for all to do so. The enthusiastic support of the Stoneham community of the SBCEF, a non-profit organization, and of the BEE has been fantastic! It is our major fundraiser and has allowed us to provide over $356,000 in grants benefiting more than 78,000 children since 1994. Over the years, grand recipients have included numerous Stoneham Public Schools, Saint Patrick’s School, the Stoneham Public Library, the Stoneham Historical Society, the Purpose School, and the Stoneham Police and Fire Departments, as well as other community organizations.

                                                      Due to the current circumstances, we understand financial hardships. Your support of our annual fundraiser is deeply appreciated, especially during these challenging financial times. If you wish to have your donation returned, please contact us or we will assume that you will leave it for the next Trivia Bee.

What is the Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundation?

The Stoneham Business and Community Foundation (SBCEF) is a non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code formed to develop a partnership among Stoneham's citizens, educational community, and business sector. Its goal is to promote the personal and educational growth of the town's youth.

Grants will be awarded to a variety of individuals and educational organizations to fund innovative projects in areas such as enrichment, staff/curriculum development, and community outreach.

Who Decides How the Resources are Allocated?

All donations to the SBCEF will be awarded with the approval of the Foundation's Board of Directors. Only programs and projects not typically funded by regular budgets will be considered by the Foundation. Grants will be distributed annually, and all awards will be published.

Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundation P.O. Box 408 Stoneham, MA 02180